SIMPLY THE BEST KITCHEN & BATH® is a boutique design and build firm

specializing in kitchen and bathroom design and construction. Since 1985, we are repeatedly complimented by our long list of satisfied clients as being

“THE ABSOLUTE BEST AT WHAT WE DO”. We have earned this reputation because we excel at transforming kitchens and baths from lackluster to luscious… mediocre to marvelous…funky to fabulous. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal.


MASTERS OF OUR ART, we ONLY do kitchen and bathroom design and construction…

Not to be confused with or mistaken for your myriad of garden-variety contractors, who take on ANY and EVERY imaginable project with little regard for YOU; we are uniquely caring, innovative trendsetters specializing in kitchens and baths. THIS IS ALL WE DO. We are small enough to provide each or our clients with individual and personalized service, yet large enough to deliver the most complex of projects…all to your complete satisfaction.

We work and live with your project from start to completion, tailoring each and every nuance to your dreams, ideas, and lifestyle.

Every detail is quality controlled by our talented team of artisans and master craftsmen.

When we complete a project our clients are happy not only with their gorgeous creations but also with our ability to deliver excellence within their budget.

Architectural science and space planning, interior aesthetics, mechanical and electrical systems, lighting design and mastery of the building codes, is expertly handled by our team of construction management professionals. With strong leadership and expertise, we manage your project from beginning to end, keeping you informed—as often—or as little as you like. Our caring team of expert remodelers will treat your home as if it were their own.

Most folks, wanting to remodel or build a kitchen and/or bath, make the mistake of calling three contractors, getting a bid from each one, and then award their project to the one with the lowest price. This is an extremely poor process and will not guarantee favorable results. Contractors are neither specialists nor experts; they take on any and all projects of every conceivable trade, with little regard for YOU. What’s needed to deliver excellence in a kitchen and bath is a specialist with in-depth expertise. WE ONLY DO KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION… WE ARE THE SPECIALIST.

Our company delivers superior products, cost, and value, by providing a complete range of capabilities in the design, planning and construction of your new kitchen and/or bath. All contractors are not equal and they certainly are not specialists. When choosing a company to design and build your kitchen and/or bath, you’ll want the specialist with impeccable qualifications… Simply the Best Kitchen & Bath® is that company.

Delivering excellence is not as simple as cutting lumber, hammering nails, hanging cabinets and laying tile. Delivering excellence in kitchens and baths requires serious expertise and keenly honed skills. Excellence requires the skills and insight of a specialist. Simply the Best Kitchen & Bath® is THE specialist. We deliver the project you envision, tailored to your specifications and we take your dreams, ideas and budget very seriously. 

Remodelers Who Care™
Excellence is the least we deliver”™